Our Core Values

As a measurement and evaluation firm, we love using data. However, we also want our clients to feel supported, empowered, and confident that they are using that data to make informed decisions and improve their organizations. We want to cultivate a culture that addresses the whole client, not just their data needs, and addresses the whole employee, not just the part of their lives devoted to work. We have identified six values that define our internal work environment as well as our approach to collaborating with clients.

We are…


Glass Frog is a boutique, woman-owned measurement and evaluation firm. Every day we’re energized that we get to do great work with great people. We are interminably curious about the world and put that curiosity to work for our clients.


Our clients are addressing serious social and economic problems. We’re honored to collaborate with them and empower them to make data-driven decisions. We meet organizations where they are at and, together, map out a practical way forward that is tailored to their circumstance and environment.


Doing research in the real world is messy! We believe in using a variety of research methods to help clients answer their most pressing questions about their programs. We understand that we’re not doing research in a black box. We work with clients’ constraints to develop creative solutions instead of canned responses.


Our staff members are experts in mixed methods research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and project management. We bring our expertise to bear as we serve as thought partners with clients in their measurement and evaluation needs. Despite all the brain power, we ditch the jargon and present clients with information that is clear and reader friendly.


We are committed to providing clients the highest quality service not only for high profile deliverables but also in the management and execution of day-to-day tasks. We plan so we can be proactive. We organize so we can be timely and efficient. On every engagement, we want our actions to speak louder than our words.


We imbue in our staff the idea that we are “one for all, and all for one.” We provide a supportive work environment that is high on flexibility and low on hierarchy. This support includes fostering a healthy work-life balance where employees are encouraged to pursue a robust and holistic life outside of work.