Who we are

Glass Frog works with organizations that are addressing serious social and economic problems. Many of these organizations express a desire to improve their research and evaluation efforts, but don’t have the time or staff to make real progress on this front. Glass Frog exists to meet these organizations’ needs. Our overarching goal is to provide high quality, actionable research and evaluation services to nonprofit and education organizations both big and small, young and old. To learn more about the specific types of work we do, check out this overview of our services.

What makes us different?

We put clients first.

We love our work and we we love empowering organizations to use data to better understand their programs. This is demonstrated both in our core values and in the way we interact with and support our clients day after day.

We make evaluation useful.

Too many organizations “do evaluation” because they feel like they have to– a funding agency or board member is making them, they want to attract new donors, or they know it is something they should do but aren’t quite sure why. Part of the problem is that, even when an evaluation is done with the highest standards of rigor, the results are often presented in a way that is less than useful for these organizations.  Executive directors and program managers may learn whether their program is having its intended impact, but they learn little about why or what the programmatic implications are.

Glass Frog entered this business because of a commitment to helping make research and evaluation “actionable.” We take the time to translate our results into a language and medium our clients understand and work with clients to help them understand how these results might impact decisions about programming.

We work with organizations at all stages of the life cycle.

We live in an era ripe for social innovation as private donors and government invest heavily in new ideas, new strategies, and new methods of addressing social and economic disparities. These new organizations have serious research and evaluation needs, but often lack the staff to meet these needs and are many times priced out of the market for independent evaluation. Glass Frog is committed to working with organizations at all stages of the life cycle and we’ve developed a range of services that cater to organizations at various stages. Whether you run a start up venture out of your home office or you manage a well-known chain of charter schools, we will work with you to develop and meet your evaluation goals. Let us know where you’re at and we’ll meet you there.